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AnimatedFan195's human style spoof of "The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot".


- Kayley - Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon)
- Garret - Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)
- Sir Ruber - Dagur (Dragons: Riders of Berk)
- Devon - Elliott (Pete's Dragon)
- Cornwall - Mushu (Mulan)
- Lady Juliana - Princess Odette (The Swan Princess)
- Sir Lionel - Prince Derek (The Swan Princess)
- King Arthur - John Smith (Pocahontas)
- The Griffin - Merlock's Griffin Form (DuckTales - the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp)
- Bladebeak - Lucky (The Jungle Book 2)
- Merlin - Dallben (The Black Cauldron)
- Ayden the Falcon as himself
- Young Kayley - Penny (Mr. Peabody & Sherman)


  • The 21th movie-spoof created by AnimatedFan195.
  • It will appeared on YouTube on 16-11-2014.

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